Scene 1 Sun, Sep 30, 2018 5:00 PM
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Dialogue:post-screening dialogue with the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition
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Series:People Places Things
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Rating:Not rated
Runtime:95 minutes
Director:Hugh Gibson
Year Released:2017
Production Country:Canada


Co-presented by the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition.

"Aserious effort to reckon with harm reduction as a storytelling strategy - a way of thinking about addicts whether currently using or sober, as people with still-evolving narrative trajectories and voices worth hearing." - Cinema Scope

"It's shining a light on something we don't see that's so shockingly inspiring, what these subjects of the documentary are doing, in terms of giving back to their community while facing their own struggles."- director Sarah Polley

The Stairs tells the story of Marty, Greg and Roxanne, who each survived decades of drug abuse. Using their experiences to ease the paths of others, they perform social work in their old neighborhood, while struggling to maintain their newly-found stability. Told over five years, The Stairs examines life on society's margins. Defying stereotypes through intimate portraits, its remarkable subjects are surprising, funny, shocking and moving.

People, Places, Things
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