Ped Mall -Scene 1 Sat, Sep 1, 2018 11:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Bijou After Hours
Film Info
Runtime:90 minutes
Director:John Krasinski
Year Released:2018
Production Country:USA


Presented as part of Bijou's After Hours program.
FREE for UI students (present student ID at box office) and $6.50 for the general public!

"A terrific, white-knuckle monster thriller. Director John Krasinski does an excellent job taking an old spook movie convention - using silence to build tension - and pushing it to a nerve-jangling new extreme." - 3AW

"An intriguing premise makes A Quiet Place an essential horror flick because of its understanding of the genre, and a cast that absorbs you into their terrifying world." - Times of India

"This new horror classic will fry your nerves to a frazzle." - Rolling Stone

In this modern horror thriller, a family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you.