No Date, No Signature

Iran, 2017, 104 min, Dir. Vahid Jalilvand, Not Rated, Arabic with English subtitles


A seemingly minor traffic collision has far-reaching consequences in this story of a well-meaning medical examiner haunted by the death of a child he might have prevented. As the story unfolds, his fate becomes inextricably bound with that of the grieving family. No Date, No Signature is an edge-of-the-seat drama about a society wrestling with issues of courage and guilt. For director Vahid Jalilvand, it’s “an elegy on the grave of a man I once dreamt to be.” Two decades after the world started to take notice, Iranian Cinema continues to impress. Jalilmand’s second film has garnered a clutch of major international awards. Along with The Shape of Water, it was one of the hits of last year’s Venice Film Festival.