The Hole in Reservoir Hill

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Take Light
SilverCity Sudbury Tue, Sep 18, 2018 12:30 PM
Power means everything in Nigeria. Africa’s biggest oil producer is the world’s seventh most populous nation–Nigeria is literally bursting with promise. Yet less than 50 percent of the country’s 195 million citizens have access to electricity; those that do, receive a few hours per day at best. In Port Harcourt, a major oil and gas hub in the Niger Delta, blackouts are the norm. They descend on the bustling city like soot from the regular gas flares and affect daily life in ways that are disruptive and, often, dangerous. The chronic power problem and its complex causes fuel the daily news cycle, as chatter from pundits and politicians crackles through the airwaves. Against this backdrop, Take Light takes us into the streets of the director Shasha Nakhai’s hometown, and into the lives of people working on the frontlines of the grid. Take Light jette un regard sur les fils «entremêlés» de la crise de l'électricité au Nigeria, le plus grand producteur de pétrole d'Afrique et le septième
Film Info
Release Year/Année de sortie:2018
Run Time/Durée:13 Minutes
Cast/Crew Info
Director/Réalisateur:Rich Williamson
Sponsored By/Comandité par:Documentary Organization of Canada


The Hole in Reservoir Hill digs deep—60 stories underground, beneath the Canadian Shield rock, into a Cold War-era bunker in North Bay. We explore its reflection of small town anxieties and nostalgia through a lively cast of characters, juxtaposing it with today’s nuclear fears. The Hole in Reservoir Hill is a Northern Connections short presentation.

Le trou à Reservoir Hill, près de North Bay, est très profond: 60 étages sous la roche du Bouclier canadien, jusqu’à un bunker datant de la guerre froide. Le film propose une réflexion sur les angoisses et la nostalgie d’une petite ville à travers divers personnages dynamiques, juxtaposant le tout aux peurs du nucléaire prévalant de nos jours. The Hole in Reservoir Hill est présenté dans le cadre du programme de courts métrages Nordicité.