Right in the Eye

France, 75 min


Coral Gables Art Cinema Thu, Oct 18, 2018 7:00 PM


Drawing its inspiration from the fictional fantasy worlds of Georges Méliès, Right in the eye (En plein dans l’œil) presents a modern rendition of the director’s poetic and playful universe through a live concert accompanied by films such as Le voyage à travers l’impossible (The Impossible Voyage) and Un homme de têtes (The Four Troublesome Heads). Aptly serving both Méliès’ images and narratives, this movie-concert features unique lighting and scenic design that imparts a very special identity, shaping an ingenious production as poetic and wondrous as the films that inspired it.

Produced by Pasoa / Alcoléa & cie and created by Jean-François Alcoléa, this ciné-concert comes to Miami for the very first time from France.