Heart Behind the Music featuring Darryl Worley, Mo Pitney and Deborah Allen

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Mars Theatre Sat, May 4, 2019 7:00 PM
Event Info
Doors Open:6pm
Ticket Price:$50 show; $75 show + Private Meet&Greet Prior to show


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Since 2011, "The Heart Behind The Music" has been bringing to the stage some of the world's best singers and songwriters who share the meaning and...music behind their hit songs.  This show provides an up close, and personal insight into some of the greatest music ever written, and performances by some of the music industry's most talented musicians.  Taking the stage are country performers Darryl Worley, Mo Pitney and Deborah Allen.

Darryl Worley Bio - The rich, reedy tones and all-American, blue-collar themes in his #1 hits “I Miss My Friend,” “Awful, Beautiful Life” and “Have You Forgotten?” are reminders of the down-to-Earth, Haggard-like Darryl Worley you always knew.  The island vibes and blue-eyed soul in new songs “It’s Good To Be Me,” “Lay It On Me” and “Lonely Alone” suggest there’s another, almost-funky, version of Worley that’s been kept under wraps.

Deborah Allen Bio -  Deborah Allen, an extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter, performer and producer, is one of those rare artists who forged her own path to success, building a world-class career in the process. Deborah’signature smash, “Baby I Lied” broke all barriers and confirmed the idea that an artist could have success in several formats with the same song, Country, Pop and Adult Contemporary, resulting in two Grammy nominations for the Delta-songstress. The true measure of Deborah’s influence in contemporary music is underscored by the hit singers diverse radio success. Songs like, “I’ve Been Wrong Before,” “I Hurt For You,” “Rock Me,” “If You’re Not Gonna Love Me,” “Wrong Side Of Love,” and “Break These Chains” are just a few of the singles that made their way up the billboard charts during her career.

Mo Pitney Bio - When Mo sings "let me tell you about country" in his debut single, he's doing more than telling. He's showing. Appropriately titled, the song "Country" is as much positioning statement as introduction. In three minutes and 16 seconds, it is almost precisely who he is in word and deed. The vocal delivery, storytelling, musicianship and reflections of his outdoor lifestyle - as well as faith, family and patriotism - offer a spot-on portrayal. Joined by early fan favorites "Clean Up On Aisle Five" and "Come Do A Little Life," the song carves an unmistakably country yet completely fresh groove for the genre. In short, it sounds like nothing else, but absolutely belongs.