Ped Mall -Scene 1 Wed, Oct 31, 2018 10:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Runtime:90 minutes
Director:John Carpenter (Escape From New York)
Year Released:1978
Production Country:US


Wednesdays get weird when Late Shift hosts Ross Meyer, Joe Derderian and Aaron Holmgren dig up low-budget b-movies, horror and gore-fests, and camp classics for your viewing pleasure. Buy your ticket and take a ride in our Time Machine! Punch in and earn a bonus! $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys and $2 small popcorn! PLUS -- special custom trash trailer reel curated by Ross with cheap swag and prize giveaways!


"I would compare it to Psycho." - Roger Ebert

"This is one of those rare slasher films that is still scary, it still has the ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats and it still works really well no matter how many times you sit through it." - Ian Jane, RockShockPop.com

"This is the earliest, and purest, distillation of the slasher-flick formula you're ever going to find, precisely because there was no formula prior to Halloween, and this ended up being the template that everybody else has followed because well, it's downright flawless." - Trash Film Guru

On a black and unholy Halloween night years ago, little Michael Myers brutally slaughtered his sister in cold blood. But for the last fifteen years, town residents have rested easy, knowing that he was safely locked away in mental hospital...until tonight.