Signal Rock


AMC Kabuki Thu, Nov 8, 2018 6:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Opening Film
Director:Chito Rono
Cast:Christian Bables
Daria Ramirez


Renowned Filipino auteur Chito Roño returns to his independent roots, turning his lens to the small island town of Biri Island. It’s an unusual place where the San Bernardino strait meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. This clash of earth and water gives birth to staggering rock formations that surround the island. The official Filipino submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Academy Awards®, SIGNAL ROCK tells the story of Intoy (Christian Bables) who is left to care for his parents when his sister moved out to work overseas. He calls the remote island of Biri his home, wherein the only way he could contact his sister and the outside world is by taking his cellular phone and going up the strange rock formation known as “signal rock”. This deceptively simple story unravels into a beautifully intricate portrait of small-town lives in isolation. From village girls marrying foreigners to rural barrio politics, the movie depicts the villagers’ hopes and dreams shaped and tempered by the elements of nature, as seen through the eyes of Intoy, an unlikely hero, played with perfect earnestness by Bables.