The Last Prosecco (Finché c'è prosecco c'è speranza)


Vogue Theatre Sat, Dec 1, 2018 6:00 PM
Film Info
Running Time:101 min.
Director:Antonio Padovan
Producer:Nicola Fedrigoni and Valentina Zanella
in association with Otlav
Fondazione Masi
with the support of the Treviso Film Commission
Screenwriter:Antonio Padovan
Fulvio Eras
Marco Pettenello
Cinematographer:Massimo Moschin
Editor:Paolo Cottignola
Music:Diego Mancino
Stefano Brandolini
Cast:Giuseppe Battiston
Silvia D'Amico
Liz Solari
Roberto Citran
Babak Karimi
Mirko Artuso


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Antonio Padovan’s witty thriller unravels on the rolling hills of Valdobbiadene (in the Veneto region of northern Italy), where Prosecco grapes grow. Adapted from Fulvio Ervas’s eponymous novel, The Last Prosecco features a winemaking count (Rade Serbedzija), who is fighting to protect his terroir, and a Persian-Italian police inspector (Giuseppe Battiston), who is stubborn and perspicacious. The Last Prosecco has all of the elements of a good whodunit: politics, greed, multiple murders, and a cast of potential culprits, including the count’s mistress (Silvia D’Amico), his estranged South American daughter (Liz Solari), and his longtime housekeeper (Giselle Burinato). Throw into the mix the manager of a polluting cement plant and a crazy man who scrapes the rust from the tombs in the cemetery, and you’ve got a detective story with fizz. Antonio Padovan’s thriller explores the lure of the vineyards, the effervescence of bubbles, and the conflict between those who are driven to exploit the environment and those who are called to protect it at all costs.

Additional Information

Antonio Padovan grew up in the hills of Conegliano, in the province of Treviso. In 2007, he moved to New York to attend the New York Film Academy and started a career in cinema and advertising. In 2012, he won the “Stand for Japan Award” for Japan, Beyond, realized a year after the Fukushima disaster. In 2013, he wrote and directed Jack Attack, a horror short. In 2015, he won the “Giotto Special Award” at the Giffoni Film Festival. That same year, with Eveless, a thriller segment written and directed for the film Galaxy of Horrors, he participated in numerous international film festivals and was invited to Cannes. In 2016, he returned to Italy to shoot his first feature, The Last Prosecco.