The Bat: Improv in the Dark with Cole Stratton, Janet Varney, Scott Adsit, Danny Pudi, James Reichmuth and Gary Anthony Williams



Gateway Theatre Sun, Jan 27, 2019 8:00 PM


An original Audible Comedy series, hosts Cole Stratton and Janet Varney and guest improvisers Scott Adsit ("30 Rock"), Danny Pudi ("Community"), James Reichmuth (Kasper Hauser) and Gary Anthony Williams ("The Boondocks") will create a world before your very ears, as they'll perform the entire thing in the dark! Characters, conflicts, sound effects and more will be vocally winged based upon your suggestions.

Due to a change in his TV schedule, Parvesh Cheena will no longer be appearing. Scott Adsit and James Reichmuth have been added.