The Gateway Show with Billy Anderson and guests Abhay, Samantha Gilweit, Nick Kocher and Chad Opitz




Stop us if you've heard this one before - four comics hit our stage and do their best sets, then they go to an undisclosed location to get WAY too high, only to come back in and attempt to do another set completely baked. The Gateway Show has been around for four years now, originating in Seattle, Washington. After that, the show expanded monthly to Bellingham, Portland, Eugene, and Tacoma. This year we've become monthly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Ventura. In October of 2018, the show is partnering with Paquin Entertainment Group and MRG Concerts in Canada to tour several 400+ seat theaters in every major city in Canada. The show has been featured in Leafly, Dope, Northwest Leaf, and California Weed Blog. This show is taking place at Sparc SF's Mission St store. Sparc is the Official Cannabis Sponsor of SF Sketchfest 2019. Please note, this is a "green show" at a dispensary—there will be smoking on site.