Eyes Wide Shut

U.S., 1999, 159 min, 35mm, Dir. Stanley Kubrick, Rated R, Warner Bros.


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Jan 19 10:30 PM


Presented on 35mm, Stanley Kubrick’s final film is a cross between James Joyce’s Ulysses and Martin Scorsese’s After Hours but with a heavy dose of eroticism and dream-like logic. Tom Cruise wanders through a nightmarish yet seductive New York City after wife Nicole Kidman describes a fantasy she had about a naval officer while on vacation. Cue Sydney Pollack standing over a hooker who’s overdosed on a speedball; a steamy, pot-induced sex scene between real-life couple Cruise and Kidman; and an iconic orgy/sexual ritual involving swanky coats and masks. It may be Kubrick’s most divisive film (some question whether the director was actually finished with it) but no one can deny Eyes Wide Shut is an enrapturing film even 20 years later.

This screening will be preceded by a series of short films and is presented in partnership with the 22nd Miami Jewish Film Festival.