Rod Serling’s IN THE PRESENCE OF MINE ENEMIES - Sky Room Talk Hosted by Philip Harwood

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Sky Room Cafe Mon, Jan 14 7:30 PM


Sky Room Talk Hosted by Philip Harwood

Rod Serling’s In The Presence of Mine Enemies
Monday, January 14 at 7:30 PM
$11 Members | $16 Public

The Sky Room Cafe will be closing at 4 PM the night of this event.
In many of his television scripts, Emmy Award winning writer Rod Serling would speak out against social and political issues that were affecting human kind. Many times, he spoke out against anti-semitism.  For the final broadcast of Playhouse 90, Serling wrote “In The Presence of Mine Enemies”, which was broadcast on May 18th, 1960: In the Warsaw Ghetto, during World War II, just before the uprising,  the son (Arthur Kennedy) of a rabbi (Charles Laughton) seeks revenge, when his sister (Susan Kohner) is raped by a German soldier.  In one of his earliest roles, Robert Redford portrays a sympathetic German soldier. Film Historian and New York State Librarian Philip Harwood presents a rarely seen broadcast of this Rod Serling play, directed by Fielder Cook. It is a play of compassion, faith, and resistance.
Philip Harwood is a Film Historian.  He is an Adjunct Film Professor at St. Francis College, and an Adjunct Lecturer, in the Hutton House Lectures, at LIU Post. He teaches film studies at JCC Manhattan. He is also a published author, and  a New York State Librarian.