Psycho | 109mins |


Capri Theatre Thu, Oct 17 7:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1960
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Anthony Perkins
Janet Leigh
Vera Miles
Director:Alfred Hitchcock


Making you feel better about your mother issues since 1960.

Marion steals some money and leaves town, winding up at the Bates Motel for the night. She is never seen again.

That doesn't mean people aren't looking for her. It isn't just the police looking to recover the $40,000 she stole, either. Her sister, Lila, and fiance, Sam, hire a private investigator.

The private investigator tracks Marion to the Bates Motel. He is never seen again.

Noticing a pattern, Lila and Sam go to the Bates Motel. They are never seen again. Or are they?

Even if you know how this one goes, you know it's worth seeing again.