I May Regret


Roxie Theatre Sun, Feb 10, 2019 7:16 PM
Film Info
Director:Graham Streeter
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:100 min
Year of Release:2018


Suffering from dementia, an ailing woman finds herself at the mercy of a young live-in nurse who is out to kill her and take her life's fortune. 


"The ending hits you hard ripping out the single thread that holds this tapestry together, that’s all I’ll say about the ending. There are plenty of films and straight-to-VOD films about elder-care and how it changes the heart of the star, but I May Regret takes the familiar plot to new places. This is not an afterschool special by any stretch of the imagination; it’s a straight-up thriller.

The subtle brilliance in Graham Streeter’s I May Regret is his ability to draw you deep into his story and give you a sense of what it might be like to have dementia, without you ever knowing it. “- Alan Ng, FilmThreat Magazine

Multi-award-winning filmmakers Graham Streeter and Alex Lebosq once again take

you on a journey through the eyes of diverse characters that provoke both dialogue and

debate about issues that relentlessly hit close to home. A must-see film.”

- Zack Sallenberg, Filmmakers International