Roxie Theatre Fri, Feb 1 7:16 PM
Roxie Theatre Wed, Feb 6 9:15 PM
Film Info
Director:Ryan Turri
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:91 min
Year of Release:2019
Premiere:World Premiere


A celebrity on the cusp of being irrelevant finds herself on the other side of the mountain of fame she has built only to see in the mirror a woman she doesn’t recognize. When strange things begin to transpire, she begins a dark decline and risks losing everything she has surrounded herself with.

Like a magnetic force, she is pulled towards the place she was raised, grew up, the place that formed her— a small town girl who ran away to Hollywood and became famous, escaping a past she's never confronted— her body transforming through the film, losing literal pieces of herself... in the end, unraveling/transforming into someone unrecognizable from the celebrity plastered on billboards and covered in magazines as she gets closer to “home.”  -JM

Included Shorts

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