The Secret Poppo


Roxie Theatre Sat, Feb 9 9:30 PM
Film Info
Director:Nevi Cline
Zach Harris
Sean Pierce
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:86 min
Year of Release:2018


The team behind Meathead Goes Hogwild (IndieFest 2015) return with a largely improvised headscratcher that plays out like Poirot on a park bench. Discovering he has a granddaughter, and then that she is missing, Poppo (played by untrained actor and Hall of Fame Architect Nick Luzietti), goes on quest of diminutive proportions, eventually uncovering a conspiracy that’s either a cult, or sci-fi, or a sci-fi cult. Shot on location in Chicago, basically on the streets in what appears to be one stolen location after another, The Secret Poppo has that true second city work ethic. With a story so slight as to only be an excuse to follow Luzietti around what seems like his daily routine anyway, the team behind the film leaves space for tremendous flights of fancy inside our hero’s head. A charming comedy that wanders about in theme and rationality, the film always holds true to its heart. If Meathead was a war-cry for the well-intentioned dispossessed, Poppo is a peace offering to the cosmos. -BF