Progam 9: A Feather to Kill


Cowell Theatre Sat, Mar 9, 2019 7:00 PM
Film Info
Country:United States
Running Time:48 min
Premiere Status:World Premiere
World Premiere
Director:Hardy Jones**
Uli Ploefner
Uli Ploefner
Producer:Hardy Jones
Screenwriter:Hardy Jones
Jennifer Lewis
Stefan Austermuhle
Uli Ploefner
Cast:Stefan Austermuhle


Although the killing of dolphins is illegal in Peru, some fishermen still harpoon dolphins to use as bait to catch sharks. The weapon they use is called a “feather.” This film documents the fishery and the impassioned efforts of local conservationists to end the dolphin killing. —IS

Included Shorts

Deep Look - This Adorable Sea Slug is a Sneaky Little Thief (5min) More
Wake Up (2min) More