The Adventures of Zack and Molly

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Program 3: Dispatches from the Gulf 2: Research, Innovation, Discovery
Cowell Theatre Fri, Mar 8, 2019 1:00 PM
Years after the Deepwater Horizon’s disastrous platform blowout, scientists from around the world converge on the Gulf of Mexico, to study its lasting impacts. Barely half the pre-spill dolphin population survives, their calves dying or aborted. Fish hearts can’t beat properly; crab burrows leak oily rivulets into wetlands. Will this ecosystem recover? Is this our feature? -MJS
Film Info
Country:United States
Running Time:11 min
Premiere Status:Bay Area Premiere
Director:Jim Toomey
Producer:Sara Beresford
Editor:Jim Toomey


Molly, a small tech-savvy dumbo octopus befriends Zack after answering an online roommate ad. Molly is on a mission to teach the world about her deep sea ocean home in the Gulf of Mexico and takes Zack along for the ride, teaching him how human activities are harming the ocean’s health. —AB

Additional Information

Jim Toomey is an award-winning cartoonist and filmmaker who created the popular comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon, which appears in over 250 daily newspapers, in 20 countries and six languages. Jim has just completed his 23rd book, published by Andrews McMeel. The strip’s underwater theme explores environmental issues in a way that appeals to adults and children alike. In addition to creating the daily strip, Jim is an award-winning videographer, and has produced videos for the United Nations, the Pew Charitable Trusts and World Resources Institute. His videos feature a blend of animation and live-action that appeals to a broad variety of viewers. Jim holds degrees from Duke and Stanford, and sits on the board of several environmental non-profits. He has given talks at a variety of venues, from his April 2010 TED Talk, to the Royal Society in London, to Harvard University to his children’s kindergarten class. Jim has been featured in many of his client newspapers, as well as Wired Magazine, and National Public Radio.