Deep Look - This Adorable Sea Slug is a Sneaky Little Thief

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Progam 9: A Feather to Kill
Cowell Theatre Sat, Mar 9, 2019 7:00 PM
Although the killing of dolphins is illegal in Peru, some fishermen still harpoon dolphins to use as bait to catch sharks. The weapon they use is called a “feather.” This film documents the fishery and the impassioned efforts of local conservationists to end the dolphin killing. —IS
Film Info
Marine Sciences/Wildlife
Country:United States
Running Time:5 min
Director:Joshua Cassidy*
Cinematographer:Elliot Kennerson


Such a beautiful creature with such an unfortunate name. Most marine creatures adopt some form of camouflage to avoid predators, but not the brazen, brightly-colored nudibranch. “Come and get me,” it says “—if you dare.” Stinging nematocysts are its protection. Not only is it immune to the stings of others, once it has consumed its prey, it co-ops their stinging cells and adds them to its own arsenal. —KH

Additional Information

Joshua is a Digital Media Producer for KQED Science, and the Lead Producer and Cinematographer for Deep Look. After receiving his BS in Wildlife Biology from Ohio University, he went on to participate in marine mammal research for NOAA, USGS and the Intersea Foundation. He also served as the president of The Pacific Cetacean Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching students K-6 about whales. Josh studied science and natural history filmmaking at San Francisco State University and Montana State University.