Master of the Turbulence

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Program 3: Dispatches from the Gulf 2: Research, Innovation, Discovery
Cowell Theatre Fri, Mar 8, 2019 1:00 PM
Years after the Deepwater Horizon’s disastrous platform blowout, scientists from around the world converge on the Gulf of Mexico, to study its lasting impacts. Barely half the pre-spill dolphin population survives, their calves dying or aborted. Fish hearts can’t beat properly; crab burrows leak oily rivulets into wetlands. Will this ecosystem recover? Is this our feature? -MJS
Film Info
Category:San Francisco Bay Area Filmmaker
Running Time:8 min
Director:Steven Albert* and Mary Albert
Producer:Steven Albert and Mary Albert
Screenwriter:Steven Albert and Mary Albert


What goes on in the tumultuous interface between broken waves and the rocky shore? Intense energy, spinning vortices, swirling sand grains and a highly adapted fish. Bolting cameras into the break zone of the Pacific Grove intertidal, the filmmakers apply physics and observation to find that a tiny reef perch has developed a specialized niche in its chaotic world, becoming the masters of the turbulence. —DM