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Opening Night: Program 2: Sharkwater Extinction
Cowell Theatre Thu, Mar 7 7:00 PM
Each year a shocking 100 million sharks are killed for their fins; sharks are being hunted to extinction. Activist and filmmaker Rob Stewart (Sharkwater) embarks on a dangerous quest to expose the shark fin industry and stop the slaughter. This film follows the filmmaker into the pirate fishing world, and uncovers a multi-billion-dollar industry scandal that is leading to the destruction of sharks and the oceans as we know it. —DM
Program 7: 700 Sharks
Cowell Theatre Sat, Mar 9 1:00 PM
The reef of the Fakarava Atoll encloses a rich ecosystem designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. A team of international scientists have identified this reef as the location of a unique occurrence on the day of the June full moon when thousands of Camouflage Grouper come to spawn attracting 700 Grey Sharks. The team meticulously plans a study that includes night diving and multiple underwater camera placements. —ST
Film Info
Category:San Francisco Bay Area Filmmaker
Country:United States
Running Time:12 min
Premiere Status:Bay Area Premiere
Director:Josh Berry*
Producer:Josh Berry


A beautiful and meditative story about Ron Elliott, a retired commercial diver who is at peace with the risks he still takes while solo diving in the shark infested waters around the Farallon Islands. —AB

Additional Information

Josh Berry grew up in the wilderness of Northern California. He seeks out epic stories set in and around the untamed coastlines of the world. He lives on the border of Daly City and San Francisco, in the heart of a former refugee camp for earthquake survivors.