The Angel's Secrets

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Program 7: 700 Sharks
Cowell Theatre Sat, Mar 9, 2019 1:00 PM
The reef of the Fakarava Atoll encloses a rich ecosystem designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. A team of international scientists have identified this reef as the location of a unique occurrence on the day of the June full moon when thousands of Camouflage Grouper come to spawn attracting 700 Grey Sharks. The team meticulously plans a study that includes night diving and multiple underwater camera placements. —ST
Film Info
Category:Marine Sciences/Wildlife
Running Time:27 min.
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere
Director:Elodie Turpin
Producer:Elodie Turpin
Screenwriter:Elodie Turpin


The Angel Shark picks up the electronic signals of approaching fish and crustaceans through its super sensitive electronic sensory system, and lurches from its hiding place under the sand to grab prey with fearsome teeth. In the last 50 years its population has dropped 80 percent, making it critically endangered. This wonderfully photographed film should convince us to save this unique creature. ––SH

Additional Information

Through her university degrees in Biology and Cinema, at the Université de Montréal (Quebec, Canada), Elodie has mixed her two passions, Wildlife Documentary and Ethology. Numerous professional training sessions and studies related to underwater filming, post-production work and animal behaviour, led her from South Africa to Malaysia, from the Bahamas to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. This is how, from diving to training, from university classes to professional workshops, she was able to refine her scientific knowledge and master underwater filming. After spending hours diving and filming, she also enjoys editing her films, writing and narrating her own commentary. Working along with scientific popularization, she loves explaining the Sea, both to children and adults, to neophytes and academics. Currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain, she produced various short films presenting the marine life of the archipelago. Her documentary “The seahorse – A waltz for life” (2007), her first “international” film, was presented in many international festivals where it won several prizes. The following year, “Terpsichore, will I be able to dance”, a 4-minutes clip, was also an award-winning film.Late in 2009, her short-film “Moonlight Poems”, rhyme-composed, described a slice of life of the Sea inhabitants once night has fallen. This film also won more than a dozen prizes. In December 2014, it is the turn of her documentary “Tales of the Sand”, to begin an international tour, where it received over thirty prizes. At last, in 2018, after several years of work, “The Angel’s Secrets” is finally released and starting its own world-wide journey through International Festivals. Moreover, she possesses an important image-bank of high quality material used several times by prestigious documentary channels such as the BBC. Her seahorses’ images were also presented in several international scientific congresses and exhibitions in aquariums all around the world.