Beyond the Noise

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Program 5: Under an Arctic Sky
Cowell Theatre Fri, Mar 8, 2019 7:00 PM
This classic surf genre film captures six intrepid surfers, loading vans and boats with boards, wax and grins in search of perfect unridden surf. What’s new? Absent are the sandy hair and boardshorts, instead these surfers wear survival gear and 8mm wetsuits as they adventure into the freezing temperatures of Iceland’s north coast to ride perfect barrels against a backdrop of glaciers and Northern Lights. —DM
Film Info
Category:Exploration and Ocean Sports
Running Time:38 min.
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere
Director:Andrew Kaineder
Producer:Andrew Kaineder
Screenwriter:Dan Crockett
Cast:Noah Lane
Harrison Roach


Under lowering Irish skies, men escape techno-reality to reclaim balance and nature amid the sea’s primal might and majesty. From waves looking like granite and glass comes a murmur: “The moment is unchained, and is dangerously close to freedom.” Brilliant black and white cinematography glides atop cool jazz, synthesizer, and a didgeridoo’s heartbeat. Magic is at work. —MJS

Additional Information

Award-winning director Andrew Kaineder grew up in Mollymook Beach, Australia. A lifelong passion for the ocean and environment informs Andrew’s directing style that is complemented with strong collaborations. To borrow a quote from surfing enigma Derek Hynd in acclaimed short ‘The Man and the Sea,’ Andrew’s films make you think about where you’ve been and where you’re going. It isn’t just the cinematic mastery, crafted subjects and unique audio scores that stop you in your tracks. There’s emotion there and ambition too. ‘Films have a huge impact on how people see the world,’ he says, and I want to do it justice. The result is distinctive, honest and raw output, from multiple Vimeo staff picks and film festival awards, Andrew has cemented himself as an up and coming talent in the industry