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Program 8: The Call of the Baby Beluga
Cowell Theatre Sat, Mar 9, 2019 4:00 PM
One day, a baby beluga whale washes up on a gravel beach along the St. Lawrence River, still vigorously alive. This baby whale’s story takes us on a larger journey through the world of the St. Lawrence beluga whales and of the scientists who are working to help them. Through their camaraderie and hard work, and through glimmers of hope, they take unusual steps to try and save her. —AB.
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Running Time:22 min.
Director:Jenny Nichols


At the intersection of science, art and culture, Zaria Forman's luminous images of arctic magnificence emerge, as cryosphere experts capture fine-scale data on disappearing polar ice sheets in NASA’s Operation IceBridge. Inuit elder Angaangaq recognizes that his people’s—and the earth’s—ancient knowledge is coming alive again through science. "The big ice has stories to tell.”—MJS

Additional Information

Jenny Nichols is the principal at Pongo Media. Harnessing the power of visual media to tell stories, Jenny works to create films that will act as tipping points in conservation campaigns. Whether in a chambre de bonne in Paris or the deserts of Namibia, Jenny continues to be inspired by people and their stories. Having started her career at the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), Jenny thrives on multidisciplinary projects and continues to collaborate with a dedicated community of photojournalists, filmmakers, writers, illustrators, scientists and conservation organizations.