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Series Info
Series:Women's March
New Release Films
Film Info
Rating:Not rated
Runtime:93 minutes
Director:Rungano Nyoni
Production Country:UK


"Possibly the year's most audacious film debut. Beguiling, wickedly smart." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Nyoni paints portraits of implied mysticism with elegance and precision." - Kelly Dong, Film Comment

"Beautiful and unsettling. A remarkable, strange and politically potent first film." - Michael O' Sullivan, Washington Post

WINNER: BAFTA Awards - Outstanding Debut by a British Director (Rungano Nyoni)
WINNER: Adelaide Film Festival - Best Feature
NOMINEE: AFI Fest - New Auteurs
WINNER: African International Film Festival - Best Feature Film
NOMINEE: Cannes Film Festival - Golden Camera
NOMINEE: Film Independent Spirit Awards - Best International Film

In her BAFTA award-winning debut feature, Rungano Nyoni crafts a satiric feminist fairy-tale set in present day Zambia. When 9-year old orphan Shula is accused of witchcraft, she is exiled to a witch camp run by Mr. Banda, a corrupt and inept government official. Tied to the ground by a white ribbon, Shula is told that she will turn into a goat if she tries to escape. As the only child witch, Shula quickly becomes a local star and the adults around her exploit her supposed powers for financial gain. Soon she is forced to make a difficult decision - to resign herself to life on the camp, or take a risk for freedom.