They Shall Not Grow Old


Harbor View Room Theater Fri, Feb 8 2:00 PM
Harbor View Room Theater Fri, Feb 8 7:00 PM
Harbor View Room Theater Sat, Feb 9 4:00 PM
Harbor View Room Theater Mon, Feb 11 2:30 PM
Studio Theater Mon, Feb 11 5:00 PM
Studio Theater Tue, Feb 12 2:00 PM
Main Theater Tue, Feb 12 5:30 PM
Main Theater Wed, Feb 13 2:30 PM
Run Time:2hr 12min
Release Year:2018
Category:New Releases
Director:Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson directs this homage to the British troops of the First World War with never-before-seen-footage of soldiers as they faced the fear and uncertainty of frontline battle in Belgium. Digitally remastered and now in color, the footage has been studied by lip reading experts whose transcripts were recorded and used as audio for the film. Overlayed by a narrative of those who partook in the war from interviews made in the 1960s and 1970s, this historic revisiting marks one hundred years since the end of the Great War.