Nantucket's Got Talent - 2019



Main Theater Fri, Mar 22 6:00 PM
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Run Time:2hr 0min
Release Year:2019
Live Concert
Family Friendly
Live Events
Cast:Your Friends & Family!
Director:The Dreamland


The Dreamland Film & Cultural Center is pleased to present Nantucket’s Got Talent, a one-night performance program to include the myriad talents of those living on Nantucket year-round. This special event, to be held Friday, March 22nd at 6:00 p.m. in The Dreamland’s main theater, is brought to the community by a generous grant from Beverly Hall and David Billings, in partnership with Gene Mahon of Mahon About Town.

A true variety show in vein of the popular television programs like “America’s Got Talent” on NBC, participants are encouraged to audition with song, dance, acrobatics, magic and more. In the cold and relatively quiet winter months, The Dreamland hopes Nantucket schools, churches, choirs, families and friends will participate before a packed audience of supporters to win significant cash prizes for first, second and third place contestants.

“We really hope everyone will participate in this unique community event,” said Joe Hale, The Dreamland’s executive director. “From children to retirees, and rock n’ bands to church choirs, we know Nantucket is filled with already recognized as well as unknown talents. There is no fee to participate and the prizes for the winners are going to be really outstanding. Nantucket’s Got Talent serves to illustrate The Dreamland’s continued commitment to becoming the island’s true cultural center.”

The auditions will be judged by Gene Mahon, publisher of Mahon About Town, event sponsor Beverly Hall, and several other community and arts leaders. Rocky Fox will host the evening. The judges will also comment on each act during the performance and will determine the evening's winners with the assistance of the audience. Bring a big group and cheer loudly!