In Reality



Maryland Hall Bowen Lower Theater Sat, Mar 23, 2019 8:45 PM
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Annapolis Elementary School Sun, Mar 24, 2019 7:15 PM
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Film Info
Section:Feature Narrative
Release Year:2018
Runtime:95 mins
Film Type:Feature
Production Country:USA
Director:Ann Lupo
Produced By:Ann Lupo
Holly Meehl
Esteban Pedraza
Aaron Pryka
Nadine Martinez
Screenwriter:Ann Lupo
Cinematographer/DP:Nadine Martinez
Editing By:Ann Lupo
Esteban Pedraza
Eric Sullivan
Music By:James Lavino
Cast:Ann Raffaela Lupo
Miles G. Jackson
Kimiko Glenn
Lauren E. Banks
David Shabtai
Jill Eikenberry


Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love, but just when she thinks she's got it, she is friend-zoned by the object of her affection (charmingly portrayed by Miles Jackson). The disappointment of rejection sends her into an obsessive downward spiral that tests the limits of her sanity and the strength of her closest friendship. In order to reclaim her bearings on reality, she confronts her overgrown fantasies by making a film about the experience. The result is a nose-dive into female insecurity in this hilarious and vibrantly stylized investigation of love that evokes a post-modern version of Sex and the City with Ann Lupo as the self-reflective, self-deprecating “Carrie Bradshaw.” Cast: Ann Lupo, Miles G. Jackson, Kimiko Glenn, Lauren E. Banks, Jill Eikenberry. (USA, 2018, 95 min., Comedy/Romance)