The Interpreter

The Jewish Experience / Foreign Title: Tlmocnik


St. John's College FSK Auditorium Sun, Mar 24 9:00 AM
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Film Info
Section:Feature Narrative
Release Year:2018
Runtime:113 mins
Film Type:Jewish Experience Package
Genre:Jewish Experience
Production Country:Austria/Slovakia
Subtitles:In German and Slovakian with English subtitles
Director:Martin Sulík
Produced By:Rudolf Biermann
Martin Sulik
Bruno Wagner
Screenwriter:Marek Lescak
Martin Sulik
Cinematographer/DP:Martin Strba
Editing By:Olga Kaufmanova
Music By:Vladimir Godar
Cast:Peter Simonischek
Jirí Menzel


Please join us Sunday Morning at 9:00am for the Jewish Experience. This Package includes the Bagel Breakfast and the our special screening of The Interpreter starting at 10:00am:

Elderly Ali Ungar comes across a book by a former SS officer describing his wartime activities in Slovakia, including the execution of Ungar’s parents. He sets out to take revenge on the SS officer, but instead finds his son, Georg, a retired teacher. Georg, who avoided his father his whole life, decides to find out more about him and requests that Ali be his interpreter. The two men are polar opposites, but they embark on a bittersweet journey to meet surviving witnesses of the wartime tragedy. This road trip dramedy is full of surprising detours and emotional road blocks on its one-way journey that may or may not lead to a dead-end. Cast: Peter Simonischek, Jirí Menzel (Austria/Slovakia, 2018, 113 min., Drama)