The Biggest Little Farm

Environmental Showcase


Maryland Hall Main Theater Fri, Mar 22, 2019 12:30 PM
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Film Info
Section:Feature Documentary
Release Year:2018
Runtime:91 mins
Film Type:Showcase
Production Country:USA
Director:John Chester
Produced By:John Chester
Sandra Keets
Cinematographer/DP:John Chester
Kyle Romanek
Editing By:Amy Overbeck
Music By:Jeff Beal


Nature is the ultimate drama queen in this gorgeous and inspirational tale of how cinematographer John Chester and his wife Molly achieved the impossible and made their ambitious dream come true when they created a 200-acre sustainable farm north of Los Angeles. Animals and crops form a beautiful and basic symbiosis, and John explains that it is “a simple way of farming.” But it’s not easy, and creativity is an integral part of their success. An alternate title for this gorgeous and riveting film might be “What Could Go Wrong in Farming 101.” John, Molly and their team endure nature’s wrath, struggle with inevitable and sustaining cycles of life, and take hits from this intricate ecosystem of survival. Chester’s expertise shines through as he pauses to document the drama around him and the scenic nature of life. Engaging whimsical animation, true-life fairytale spectacle, and business success story join his extraordinary and often humorous footage of the cutest animals ever to make this film an unforgettable stand-out. (USA, 2018, 91 min.)

*Panel to follow.