Amsterdam, Netherlands | 2005 | 6 | Super 8mm to 16mm

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Special Program - Found Sounds: A Retrospective of Barbara Meter's Avant-Garde Films
Screening Room - Michigan Theater Thu, Mar 28, 2019 7:00 PM
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Director:Barbara Meter


The Italian musical term “stretto” refers to a fugue’s final section, with its interweaving melodies. In the film, Meter employs dissociative imagery and disconnected musical tunes, building on the polyphonic patterns of history and identity. The soundtrack is John Cage’s Music For Prepared Piano 2, a percussion-like piece conceived as a dance accompaniment. Meter defies the storyline standard of beginning, middle, and end, and translates the world – one of death and immigration – by suspending its images and sonorities in a temporality that moves backwards rather than forwards.