Special Program - Ethnographic Frictions


Screening Room - Michigan Theater Wed, Mar 27, 2019 7:00 PM
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Curated by Julia Yezbick, the films in this program push hard against the walls of epistemological givens and scholarly conventions to open up new ways of exploring and understanding our world. Though in conversation with the conventions and histories of ethnographic film and anthropological endeavors, the anthropologists/filmmakers/ artists/dancers/choreographers/musicians/poets/novelists who made these films exceed and defy the limits of a disciplinary purview, and their contributions expand the modes through which we convey, document, and express the human condition.

Included Shorts

Legba, God of the Sacred Gate (4min) Haiti | 1946 | 4 | LP audio recording More
Liquor Store Theatre, vol. 5, no. 1 (10min) Detroit, MI | 2018 | 10 | digital file More
overture, BED SORES (excerpt from Extinction Number Six) (20min) Indonesia/Netherlands/UK/USA | 2011 | 20 | digital file More
Aequador (19min) Amazon River, Colombia | 2012 | 19 | DCP More
Artificial Paradise (13min) Mexico | 1986 | 13 | 16mm More
Liquor Store Theatre, vol. 4, no. 6 (9min) Detroit, MI | 2017 | 9 | digital file More
Fieldwork footage (6min) Loughman, FL | 1928 | 6 | digital file More

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Special Thanks to
Ruth Bardenstein and Jim Roll
For their support of this Special Program