Films in Competition 11



Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 30, 2019 1:15 PM
A 15 minute Q&A with filmmakers in attendance will follow the screening.
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Mixed-genre program featuring organizations and movements that embrace change; a real-life story that happened during the Abkhazian war; squares, sound, and speed; bodies in motion, bodies at rest, life, death, and black resilience; a deceased grandmother; a remote community; and a Belgian missionary who falls in love with a Rwandan girl.

Included Shorts

New Panther: A Call for Action (27min) New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI | 2017 | 27 | digital file More
Armed Lullaby (9min) Cologne, Germany | 2018 | 9 | DCP More
Sonant (3min) Madison, SD | 2018 | 3 | DCP More
Sketches and Portraits for Jean-Michel (10min) New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA | 2019 | 10 | digital file More
Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses (8min) Ferndale, MI | 2018 | 8 | digital file More
Winter in Eden (14min) Eden, ID | 2017 | 14 | digital file More
The Yellow Mazda and His Holiness (11min) Brussels, Belgium | 2018 | 11 | DCP More

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