Special Program - Wada's World: Wrestling with Existence


Screening Room - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 30, 2019 9:00 PM
A 15 minute Q&A with filmmakers in attendance will follow the screening.
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Wada Atsushi is one of the top animators in Japan. This is not the highly conventionalized and capitalized animation known as anime. Rather, Wada presents his own strange, wonderful, and instantly recognizable world through his .3mm sharp pen. In Wada’s world, humans enjoy a peculiar relationship to the living things around them. His drawings of the animal kingdom may look relatively realistic, but his creatures emit an uncanny sense of anthropomorphization from deep inside their feral forms. Curated by Markus Nornes.

Included Shorts

Day of Nose (Hana no hi) (10min) Osaka, Japan | 2005 | 10 | ProRes More
Well, Thats Glasses (So iu megane) (5min) Osaka, Japan | 2007 | 5 | ProRes More
In a Pigs Eye (Wakaranai buta) (10min) Osaka, Japan | 2010 | 10 | ProRes More
The Mechanism of Spring (Haru no shikumi) (4min) Osaka, Japan | 2010 | 4 | ProRes More
The Great Rabbit (Gureto rabitto) (4min) Osaka, Japan | 2010 | 4 | ProRes More
Anomalies (3min) Japan/UK | 2013 | 3 | ProRes More
Autumn from Antonio Vivaldi “The Four Seasons” (Aki Antonio Vivaldi “Shiki” yori) (11min) Osaka, Japan | 2018 | 11 | ProRes More
TV Commercials Collection (0min) Osaka, Japan | 2014–18 | 6–30 seconds each | ProRes More
Education Television Collection (0min) Osaka, Japan | 2012–13 | 20 seconds each | ProRes More
A Man, His Son and the Donkey They Set off to Sell (Roba o uriniiku oyako) (2min) Osaka, Japan | 2014 | 2 | ProRes More
My Exercise (Mai ekusasaizu) (0min) Osaka, Japan | 2019 | ProRes More
My Marsh (Watakushi no numa) (4min) Osaka, Japan | 4 | 2018 | ProRes More

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