Feature in Competition - how we live - messages to the family


Screening Room - Michigan Theater Sun, Mar 31, 2019 3:00 PM
A 15 minute Q&A with filmmakers in attendance will follow the screening.
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"Imagine we are sitting at home; the screen is set up; the projector, ready; and we start watching home movies together," suggests the calm voice of filmmaker-director Gustav Deutsch at the beginning of this film. The film assumes this same calm as it undertakes its journey via amateur film recordings, not only producing a community between various people from various places, but also establishing a timeless togetherness, allowing generations of filmmakers to speak to one another and, via the medium of the movie screen, to us.

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how we live - messages to the family (107min) Vienna, Austria | 2017 | 107 | DCP More

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Sponsored by University of Michigan
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