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Castro Theatre Sun, Mar 17 5:45 PM


TOM JONES 3:20, 8:00
British New Wave director Tony Richardson and playwright John Osborne bring a theatrical flair to Henry Fielding’s canonical eighteenth-century novel, boisterously chronicling the misadventures of the foundling of the title (Albert Finney, in a career-defining performance), whose easy charm seems to lead him astray at every turn from his beloved, the wellborn Sophie Western (Susannah York). This spirited picaresque, evocatively shot in England’s rambling countryside and featuring an extraordinary ensemble cast, went on to become a worldwide sensation, winning the Oscar for best picture on the way to securing its status as a classic of irreverent wit and playful cinematic expression. (1963, 128 min, DCP)

As WWII rages in the background, the great, aging actor-manager "Sir" rules his traveling theatre company with an iron fist. But though Sir remains a powerful stage presence, off-stage his faculties are beginning to crumble, and only the attentions of his long-faithful dresser Norman are keeping Sir and the company together. Adapted by Ronald Harwood from his stage play, and sensitively directed by Peter Yates (Bullitt), this film offers a compelling and engaging look at life in the theatre, but is mainly served by the powerhouse performances by the late Albert Finney as Sir and Tom Courtenay as Norman. (1983, 118 min, 35mm)