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Film Info
Programs:Childish Films
Women & Film
Spotlight: Disruption
Women Directors
Family Friendly
Release Year:2018
Runtime:89 min
Website:Official Website
Director:Priya Ramasubban
Producer:Priya Ramasubban
Cinematographer:Arvind Kannabiran
Screenwriter:Priya Ramasubban
Editor:Jabeen Merchant
Composer:Mathias Duplessy
Principal Cast:Jigmet Dewa Lhamo
Morup Namgyal (Padma Shri)
Yanchen Dolma
Padma Chospel
SS Wangchuk
Tsetan Angchok
Stanzin Ngidon
Satyadeep Misra


In a remote Himalayan village in Ladakh, Chuskit is thrilled to start school. When an accident befalls the young girl, she loses her ability to walk. Confined to her home, Chuskit is stuck under the watch of her traditionally minded grandfather, but Chuskit refuses to give up on her education and a normal life. Caught between the old ways and new, Chuskit's family struggles to support her in different ways. Her brother, a budding scientist, comes up with new inventions. Her parents carry her as long as they can. Her grandfather insists that Chuskit's best option is to accept her situation, but Chuskit refuses to fold. What will it take for Chuskit to attain her goal of going to school? As the young girl grows into her own, her whole community is forced to change. Inspired by a true story and filmed on location with a local cast.

Recommended for age 9+

Director Biography

Priya Ramasubban

Priya Ramasubban has traveled the world for over fifteen years making films for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel and other major international broadcasters. She is a storyteller at heart and has the ability to deal with complex subjects in a nuanced way allowing for textured interpretation.


"The Ladakhi language film is heartwarming, centered around Chuskit’s unassailable dream to go to school and be ‘normal’." - Silver Screen India