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Film Info
Original Title:Ballon
Programs:World Cinema
Spotlight: Disruption
Historical Drama
Family Drama
True Story
Release Year:2018
Runtime:120 min
Print Source:Studiocanal
Director:Michael Herbig
Producer:Michael Herbig
Cinematographer:Torsten Breuer
Screenwriter:Kit Hopkins
Thilo Röscheisen
Editor:Alexander Dittner
Composer:Ralf Wengenmayr
Principal Cast:Friedrich Mücke
Karoline Schuch
Alicia von Rittberg
David Kross


In this adrenaline-filled thriller, the true story of two families unlikely journey from East to West Germany to escape the GDR regime is brought to life. The year is 1979, and the Strelzyks and the Wetzels have built a hot air balloon with the intention of escape. They face impossible odds. During the height of the regime, thousands of East Germans were either killed or imprisoned for trying to cross the border. However, they combine their talents to move forward with the plan. Brick-layer Günter Wetzel and his wife, Petra, work with electrician Peter Strelzyk and his wife, Doris, to build the hot air balloon from scratch. The process unfolded over the course of 18 months, and on the evening of September 16th, 1979, the families and their four children, attempted their escape. A harrowing and unforgettable tale of survival, Balloon is not to be missed.

Director Biography

Michael Herbig was born in Munich, Germany in 1968. He has built an impressive career in cinema and television, including hosting his own morning show, Langemann und die Morgencrew (92-95).