There Is No Place Like Home


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The Main 1 Mon, Apr 15, 2019 4:45 PM
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General Public:$15.00
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Film Info
Original Title:A casa tutti bene
Programs:World Cinema
Comedy Drama
Family Drama
Release Year:2018
Runtime:105 min
Print Source:Indie Sales
Director:Gabriele Muccino
Producer:Marco Belardi
Cinematographer:Shane Hurlbut
Screenwriter:Gabriele Muccino
Paolo Costella
Sabrina Impacciatore
Editor:Claudio Di Mauro
Composer:Nicola Piovani
Principal Cast:Stefano Accorsi
Carolina Crescentini
Elena Cucci
Tea Falco
Pierfrancesco Favino
Claudia Gerini
Massimo Ghini
Sabrina Impacciatore
Gianfelice Imparato
Ivano Marescotti
Giulia Michelini
Sandra Milo
Giampaolo Morelli
Stefania Sandrelli
Valeria Solarino
Gianmarco Tognazzi


From acclaimed director Gabriele Muccino comes this hilarious and harrowing tale of a family that would rather brave a coastal storm than talk through their strained relationships. Featuring a stellar cast of nearly twenty actors, There's No Place Like Home begins with your average celebration, a wedding anniversary for the family's grandparents at a lavish house by the sea. Earlier in the day, unspoken tensions were held back by prepared facades, and may have stayed that way if not for the brutal seastorm that keeps anyone from leaving. With their possibility for escape gone, the family is forced to interact with each other for much longer than anyone had prepared for, and soon tensions flare. As arguments breakout between fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, exs, children and other relatives, this tale of a family gathering gone wrong makes us wonder if anyone will make it out intact.

Director Biography

Italian director Gabriele Muccino is known for a range of critically praised films in both the Italian and American film industries. His filmography includes The Pursuit of Happyness (06), Seven Pounds (08), Last Kiss (01).


"Gabriele Muccino tells the story of a family reunion in which all facades are dropped, with the excessive pathos we often see in his films but also some great moments of honesty" - Cine Europa