This is not Berlin


Capri Theater Sat, Apr 13, 2019 8:45 PM
Parkway Theater Tue, Apr 16, 2019 7:00 PM
The Main 5 Fri, Apr 19, 2019 10:00 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$15.00
Youth (25 & Under/Box Office Only):$8.00
Film Info
Original Title:Esto no es Berlín
Programs:Cine Latino
Historical Drama
Release Year:2019
Runtime:109 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Latido Films
Director:Hari Sama
Producer:Ale García
Antonio Urdapilleta
Verónica Valadez P.
Hari Sama
Cinematographer:Alfredo Altamirano
Screenwriter:Rodrigo Ordóñez
Hari Sama
Max Zunino
Editor:Rodrigo Ríos
Ximena Cuevas
Hari Sama
Composer:Max Oldham
Hari Sama
Principal Cast:Xabiani Ponce de León
José Antonio Toledano
Ximena Romo
Mauro Sánchez Navarro
Klaudia García
Américo Hollander
Hari Sama
Marina de Tavira
Juan Carlos Remolina
Lumi Cavazos
Fernando Álvarez Rebeil


It's 1986 in Mexico City and Carlos is a reserved teenager who finds himself slowly drifting into the world of adulthood, his transformation kickstarted by the city's underground punk rock scene and evolving culture. In the backdrop of this coming-of-age drama, the rage of social unrest surrounding the 1986 World Cup simmers alongside the enticements of art, drugs and punk music. Carlos decides to tag along with his best friend Gera to go the Aztec, a bar in the inner-city where Gera's sister is playing a show. The two friends soon find themselves heading down a rabbit hole of new influences, a path that leads them to discovery and exploration of their own identities, dreams and desires. The film saw its world premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Director Biography

Hari Sama was born in Mexico City, 1967, with many of the influences in This Is Not Berlin modelled after his own life. His other films include Sunka Ranku - Evanescent Joy (15) and Awakening Dust (13).


"Hari Sama's autobiographically inspired feature is a joyfully edgy dive in the Mexico City punk/New Wave underground of the mid-80s. With a coolness factor off the charts, this musically and otherwise seductive drama is likely to appeal to audiences who lived through the era as well as those who wish they had, both straight and gay." - Variety