Shorts 10 - Passing the Torch

  • Great! Lakes
  • Lowland Kids
  • The Last Storm
  • The Minors
  • The Next Acre
  • The Wagon


The Main 1 Sun, Apr 14, 2019 2:20 PM
The Main 5 Sun, Apr 21, 2019 5:45 PM
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General Public:$15.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
Festival Programs:Shorts
Shorts 10 - Passing the Torch
Runtime:100 min


Filmmakers Attending!

Getting by with a little help from my (younger or older) friends.

Last Storm, The:

Mark, a 60-year-old fledgling storm chaser recently diagnosed with lung cancer, sets out across the Midwest in search of a tornado.

Director: Liam Saint-Pierre | Runtime: 21 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Lowland Kids:

Howard and Juliette are the last teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles, a sinking island on the coast of Louisiana primarily inhabited by Native Americans.

Director: Sandra Winther | Runtime: 22 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Minors, The:

A slice of life film about a Grandpa and his Grandsons, the future and the past.

Director: Robert Machoian | Runtime: 10 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Next Acre, The:

In an agricultural landscape more challenging than ever, two young farmers fight to carry on their families’ legacy.

Director: Krissa Nelson | Runtime: 15 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Wagon, The:

Hard-edged Aunt Frances, and Claire, her niece with Down syndrome, are two vagabond women confronting life’s harsh realities.

Director: Gayle Knutson | Runtime: 12 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Great! Lakes:

In the small town of Knife River, Minnesota, twin sisters, Pamela Matson & Patricia Canelake, make candy using recipes invented by their grandfather in the early 1900s.

Director: Tess Wagman | Runtime: 20 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Included Shorts

The Last Storm (21min) More
Lowland Kids (22min) More
The Minors (10min) More
The Next Acre (15min) More
The Wagon (12min) More
Great! Lakes (20min) More