Frame Forward 2: The Grand Bizarre

  • Applied Pressure
  • Respiration
  • Same Bare Place
  • The Grand Bizarre


The Main 5 Thu, Apr 18, 2019 7:20 PM
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General Public:$15.00
Youth (25 & Under/Box Office Only):$8.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
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Frame Forward 2: The Grand Bizarre
Runtime:75 min


Filmmakers Attending

This program presents Jodie Mack's feature-length debut The Grand Bizarre, "a postcard from an imploded society," alongside short works that push the poetry of cinema to its limits.


AAn experimental, feminist collage of river naiads and backyard deities; nothing noticed is lonely. From inspiration to expiration, breathing is the only work to be enacted now.

Director: Sasha Waters Freyer | Runtime: 5 min | Country: USA | 2019 | no dialogue

Applied Pressure:

Ease the pain from past physical and mental distress. The body remembers. Aches may linger. Lay prone, breathe deeply, release tension.

Director): Kelly Sears | Runtime: 6 min | Country: USA | 2018 | no dialogue

Same Bare Place:

A frozen image thaws. Creaks, cracks, and Ektachrome. A seasonal study in 16mm.

Director: Jason Coyle | Runtime: 4 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

The Grand Bizarre:

Jodie Mack's feature-length debut dives into the world of textile production at full force, blending animation, stop motion and experimental narratives to take the audience on a journey through fabric, patterns and the stunning visuals that make up our global and societal landscapes. A fever dream that melds graphic symbols, spoken word and fluid narration, The Grand Bizarre explores how the fabrics used in everyday life have shaped our world and transitioned across cultures throughout history. Symbols transform, patterns reappear, and even the simplest of textiles may have a global history hiding just underneath the seams. As Mack unearths the grand narrative of color and thread, the film transforms into a daring celebration of what binds societies together across borders, language and time. True, living people take the backseat in this film in favor of the avant garde, but audiences won't mind as Mack's stunning animations become their own cast of characters.

Director: Jodie Mack | Runtime: 60 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Included Shorts

Respiration (5min) More
Applied Pressure (6min) More
Same Bare Place (4min) More
The Grand Bizarre (60min) More