Ped Mall -Scene 1 Sat, Apr 20, 2019 1:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Special Event
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:64 minutes
Director:Laura Iancu
Year Released:Various
Production Country:USA


The Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (ICDOCS ) is an annual event run by students at the University of Iowa with the mission to engage local audiences with the exhibition of recent short films that explore the boundaries of nonfiction filmmaking. Free and open to the public!

This program is sponsored by the Bijou Film Board.

Laura Iancu is a visual artist working primarily in hybrid video forms and immersive 3D animation & gaming, with an expanded practice of painting, installation, photography, and graphic design. She is currently teaching film production classes at Virginia Tech, and is an alumnus of the MFA program in UI's Department of Cinematic Arts.

Level 1 (15 min, 6 sec); 2012 - Romania/US
The first in a series of loosely autobiographical films that utilize video collage techniques to re-create the volatile and fluctuating space of the everyday.

Self (i.e.;) (3 min, 44 sec); 2017 - US
A short film about the hallucinatory effect of over-articulating one's image through reappointing the functionality of technologies solely designed to produce social capital and a comforting sense of individuality.

Level III (7 min, 5 sec); 2016 - US
In a deserted village in Romania two elders look at the future.

Minerals and Buttercups (13 min, 56 sec); 2017 - US
A film about viewing, vision and preservation made around unceremoniously manipulated diary entries of John Ruskin.

Level IV (15 min, 46 sec); 2018 - Romania/US
Images of climate protests are intertwined with permaculture gardening and delirious visions.

Transmissions (10 min); 2019 - US
A media hybrid video which dives into ecological interdependence, solidarity with non-human beings and the devastating logic of biocidal synthetic chemicals use within industrial agriculture.