Retro Picture Show - 35mm screening!
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Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Fri, May 17 10:00 PM


Retro Picture Show Presents

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) [35th Anniversary]

(US | 92 min | Dir. Wes Craven | 35mm)

Friday, May 17 at 10 pm | Members $9 | Public $11

Nancy is having nightmares. Something in her haunted sleep wants to kill her. Something monstrous. Something unstoppable. But she has more to fear. Much, much more …

Her high school friends, she discovers, are having the same fiendish dream. And they are being butchered – systematically slaughtered in their sleep by the predatory monster of their shared nightmare.

When baffled investigating police ignore her chilling explanation, Nancy prepares to traverse into the hellish realm of nightmares to wage her own extraordinary battle with the ghastly killer. There, she confronts the dark, decade-old secret of the very real NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET!

Writer/Director WES CRAVEN (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) has composed an innovative horror-fantasy that will expose your deepest, primal fear. But you can tell yourself "it's only a dream." Can't you??