Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War


Roxie Theatre Fri, Jun 7, 2019 4:45 PM
Film Info
Director:Kerry David
Film Category:Africa
Running Time:110 min.
Premiere:US Premiere


Wildlife poaching, the fourth most profitable illegal economy, is threatening the world’s population of wild animals. The pursuit of protecting the wildlife and putting an end to poaching is an incredibly dangerous and physically and emotionally exhausting undertaking. Across Africa, women are stepping into leadership roles, risking their own safety in a commitment to protect the threatened elephants, rhinos, and hippos. Director Kerry David introduces us to these brave women, taking us on a journey to understand the complexities of the poaching industry and the efforts in place to try to protect targeted species. These women exhibit great strength, stamina, and devotion that not only educates but inspires.  -MR