Our Bodies Our Doctors

Film Info
Director:Jan Haaken
Film Category:Health & Medicine
Social Justice
Running Time:78 min.


Across the country, even in liberal, pro-choice states, women’s reproductive rights are under attack. Our Bodies Our Doctors tells the story of the courageous physicians fighting persecution from religious and anti-abortion groups in order to provide reproductive care to women in under-serviced areas, where clinics are few and far between. Facing threats of violence and professional stigma, these physicians are working to dispel the myths around abortion and educate both the public and the medical community on the reality that these clinics are safe, clean, and a necessary part of women’s health care. Many of these physicians are not only providing abortion services, but complete obstetrics and gynecology care, including delivering babies. Amidst the challenges and daily struggles to provide adequate care and meet the demands for their services, these physicians shed a hopeful light on the fight to protect women’s reproductive rights.  -MR