Back to the Future Part II (35mm)

U.S., 1989, 108 min, 35mm, Dir. Robert Zemeckis, Rated PG


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Jul 13 11:30 PM


Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) are back to their time-travel shenanigans in Back to the Future Part II. Picking up where the first film left off, Doc Brown whisks Marty away to the distant future of 2015 in order to prevent a series of events that will ruin the McFly clan. Though the story is more complicated than complex, director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale still created a rollercoaster ride through time that’ll entertain and thrill with its memorable set pieces and fun characters. Its vision of the future, featuring flying DeLoreans and hoverboards (that Zemeckis cheekily claimed were real), still delight today, 30 years after the film’s big screen debut.