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This striking and moving documentary from BAFTA nominated directors, Jacqui and David Morris, traces the extraordinary life of Rudolf Nureyev, the most famous male dancer that transcended fame in the dance world to become a pop culture icon of his time. It charts his rise from humble beginnings, to his eventual defection to the West, an event that shocked the world. The film contextualises not just the man but also the times in which he lived, discussing the politically charged divide between Russia and the West and the critical role that Nureyev played as a cultural and global phenomena. Blending never-before-seen footage, an original score by award-winning composer Alex Baranowski, and a spellbinding series of exclusive modern dance tableaux directed by Royal Ballet alumnus Russell Maliphant, Nureyev is a theatrical and cinematic experience like no other biopic. (2018, 109 min, DCP)