The Last Black Man In San Francisco

The Last Black Man In San Fransico | 121mins |


Capri Theatre Fri, Aug 2 5:00 PM
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Film Info
Release Year:2019
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Jimmie Fails
Jonathan Majors
Danny Glover
Director:Joe Talbot
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According to family legend, Jimmie's grandfather, known as "The First Black Man in San Francisco," built a Victorian mansion in a San Francisco neighborhood just as it was starting out. Some of Jimmie's favorite memories are in that house, and he continues taking care of the house with best friend Mont even after his dad loses the house. The new owners don't make much of a fuss about it, and the arrangement continues until the owners pass away, when a family dispute leaves the house empty. Jimmie and Mont immediately move in, launching them on a poignant odyssey that connects them to their past and forces them to confront an uncertain future in a gentrified neighborhood where they no longer belong.
The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a story about friendship, family, and the urge we all have to find our home. The critics are raving that this movie marks director Joe Talbot as a filmmaker to watch. Come find out why.